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ABAC Label Parsers

A simple guide to the KDP4 Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) Label Parsers

Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) is a powerful tool commonly utilized in Zero Trust environments to enhance data security and integrity. Unfortunately when applied as a blunt tool at the network level it can lead to access provisions and restrictions both that are far too broad. One way that Koverse improves upon this core security principle is by applying Zero Trust at the data level instead of the network level. This allows access to be restricted directly at the data level itself, providing far more granular control over access to specific datasets and subsets of the same.

Koverse utilizes two different label parsers, linked below which you may review for additional details on each:

If using ABAC for your data, you will need to make that selection during upload or importation. Select your label parser and input your label parser fields, separating multiple labels with commas.

Choosing Your ABAC Label Parser

Select how you would like to treat records with empty values.

Choose How to Handle Data Records without ABAC Label Values