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Error Codes

Learn more about error codes and how to resolve them

  • AccumuloError - General accumulo error, error body includes the cause.
  • AuthError - An error caused by failure to provide sufficient authentication details.
  • BadRequestError - Error indicating client did not provide a valid request. Check the request body for validity. The API definition for the endpoint may provide additional information that can help determine the problem with the request.
  • DataSourceError - Error occurs when a datasource cannot be created with the datasourceParams provided.
  • FileParseError - Error occurs when a file cannot be parsed. Check if the file contents are valid for the file format.
  • HttpClientError - Error that occurs during the processing of a client request or response.
  • InternalServerError - Rare error where the cause is internal to the KDP servers. Retrying the request may resolve the error.
  • LuceneParseError - Error occurs when a query cannot be parsed by the lucene query parser. Updating the query to a valid syntax may resolve the issue.
  • MissingIndexError - A database index does not exist for the field in the query with a filter (where clause). Adding a database index for the field may resolve the issue.
  • RestClientError - Error that occurs during processing of a client request or response.
  • SecurityError - Error that indicates a security violation. Check authentication details.
  • SqlParseError - Error occurs when a sql expression cannot be parsed. Check your sql for validity and syntax.
  • TableNotFoundError - Error occurs when an accumulo table is not found, and it was supposed to exist.
  • QueryError - Error indicating a problem in the processing of the query. Check the query syntax and validity.