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Koverse Release Notes 1/17/23


Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Fixed csv ingest when any field contains a comma
  • Fixed a group membership assignment issue which appeared to be hanging in the UI
  • Evaluate excel cell formula and stores the resulting value
  • UI copy changes to reflect new rules for attribute creation
  • Implemented v2 batch write endpoint, which takes a BatchWriteRequest object which may include ABAC configuration

Python Connector

  • New version of Python Client and Python Connector published to PyPI which includes support for v2 batch write endpoint

Spark Connector

  • New version of Spark Connector published to Maven Central which includes suport for v2 batch write endpoint


  • Fixed a broken document link on the Documentation website
  • Updated Spark Connector documentation
  • Updated Dataiku (DSS) Connector documentation
  • Updated Python Connector documentation