2.9 Release Notes

Koverse version 2.9 adds more scalable and robust job management.


  • Ability to search/filter data set names in data view
  • Provide fine grained timing information for specific calls
  • Improve performance of data set permission checking for queries
  • Improve querying of a single data set
  • Improve query performance related to data set permissions of deleted data sets
  • Support PySpark Transforms on Data With Mixed Types
  • Support job specific YARN settings
  • End hung imports with a timeout
  • Remove Hadoop transform support
  • Improve job processing efficiency
  • Search on encrypted data

Bug Fixes


  • [KC-5621] - Issue with batch range in background jobs
  • [KC-5639] - Error seen when purging jobs
  • [KC-5640] - NPE when trying to start a job
  • [KC-5645] - Eliminate nulls in old data set index period settings


  • No bugs. 2.9.2 was never released.


  • [KC-5655] - Multiple Instances of a Job spawned at once


  • [KC-5650] - Fix issues with Maps/MapType in DataFrames
  • [KC-5663] - Show Authorization Tokens in UI
  • [KC-5669] - Preserve byte arrays in JVM transforms


  • [KC-5675] - Fix server OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  • [KC-5642] - Add Oracle Export to add ons shipped
  • [KC-5634] - Get spark transform status from YARN RM
  • [KC-5662] - Security Labeling Of Transform Output Records