3.2 Release Notes

Koverse version 3.2 introduces the ability to apply security label parsers to JVM transform outputs.

Koverse 3.2 also introduces an optional query parameter to the /search/autocomplete/field endpoint. When set to true, the results will contain the complete text for matching entries rather than just the index entries

New Features

  • [KC-5828] - Developers can apply security label parsers to data frame / dataset JVM transform output
  • [KX-839] - Added optional completeValue query parameter to /search/autocomplete/field endpoint


  • [KC-5825] - Fix for Avro File Parser upload error
  • [KC-5988] - Fix for SquirrelApplication –mode is missing error
  • [KC-5989] - Fix for potential ConcurrentModificationException on import


  • [KC-6011] - Fix for running multiple instances of the same transform concurrently can output zero records


  • [KC-6010] - Added logging when record count is incremented in the statistics job
  • [KC-5831] - Added security label parser widget to UI
  • [KC-6019] - Fixed classpath issues on HDP 3.1.4